Project Scope

About the project

The data on the available resources in the project cover the years 2015 - 2020.

The project includes only open source data posted on the internet, not all media organs in Turkey.


About the Data

The available data includes 917061 hate expressions from 19 broadcasting platforms and 473 columnists.

Although it is possible to find more hate expressions in the publications, the ones we can determine are available on our site.

1-      Intolerance, exaggeration, imposition, distortion (10927 publications)

2-      Attack on rights and dignity, cursing, insulting, humiliating (3088 publications)

3-      Provocation to hostility, discrimination, and violence (159887 publications)

4-      Provocation to commit genocide/crimes against humanity (685 publications)

These data on the main screen represent the number of broadcasts. Hate expressions may appear repeatedly in publications.

In addition, these expressions were summarized in 22 categories and included in the Hate Fueled Writings menu.